1. Anonymous said: omg if baby oil dissolves condoms what the fuck does it do to babies???


    This may be shocking, but babies and condoms are made of different material

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    I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

    They said “Thank you.”

    I said “Don’t mention it.”

    Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?

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    Have a great day

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    Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

    Me and Mike Bidinger’s thesis film made during our years at Ringling. Please enjoy and share! :)

    Ed Skudder and I were asked to do some small vocals for this really adorable and awesome student film by Michael Bidinger & Michelle Kwon!!! Sound design by Nick Ainsworth. Check it out, its got some great character animation, and the story is really great!

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  5. DIY Aluminium Calligraphy Pen




    You’ll need tape, scissors, knife, disposable chopsticks, empty aluminium can, stapler and ink.


    Calligraphy Pen for Gothic: cut the aluminium into two pieces like above and tape it on chopstick, then Staple the aluminium.


    Medium Point Calligraphy Pen: Fold a piece of aluminim, and cut it like picture above. Then tape it on chopstick.


    Fine Point Calligraphy Pen: Fold a piece of aluminim, and cut it like picture above. Then tape it on chopstick.

    Now enjoy it :)

    image image image

    image image

    Turning straw into pen.

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  6. calgaras:


    • "one piece is something like the bonds they made"
    • "i think one piece is gonna be the adventure itself"
    • "one piece is their friendship"

    well dear fandom


    Oda: “Yes, I already decided on how it’s going to end. Should I tell you now?

    Sakura: “…….



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    Cash Cash - Lightning (feat John Rzeznik)

    Like a lightning ball to the heart
    You woke me up, woke me up
    With just one spark, just one spark!
    Now I can feel your pulse
    Kick starting this lifeless soul
    Like a lightning ball to the heart
    You woke me up, woke me up

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    Phoenicia Diner in Phoenicia, NY

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    Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size). 

    Story of Makoto and Dratini 

    When Makoto was young, Dratini saved him from drowning. Makoto smiled and said thank you to him; Dratini fell in love(?) with him and started to follow him. (It’s more like imprinting)  

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    Hey! you’re getting sick?

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  12. Photo post image sizes
    Photoset and audio post image sizes



    Tumblr Dashboard Image Sizes:

    • Photo post: 500 by 750 pixels for dashboard view; 1280 by 1920 pixels for high-res version (except for superwide panoramas).
    • Photoset: 500-pixel width for one image in a photoset row. 245-pixel width for two images in a photoset row. 160-pixel width for three images in a photoset row. Gutters are 10 pixels.
    • Audio Post: 169 by 169 pixels for album art.
    • Link Post: 130 by 130 pixels for the thumbnail image grabbed by Tumblr from web link (if available).
    • Text Post: 125-pixel width for images added to a text post, which expand when clicked.
    • Avatar: 64-by-64-pixel icon next to posts.

    Omg reblogging this cuz I always forget

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    Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

    Story of Haruka and Feebas 

    Haruka met Feebas when he was young. He finally evolved when Haru is Grade 12, but he was too big to stay at home. In the end, Haru decided to let him live in the sea. Milotic was very sad that he can’t stay with Haru and take a bath with him life before. So Haru stopped by sea everyday to see him. 

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